The Green Man Inn


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Gig Confirmed

Black Jack v

Confirmation that Black Jack V will be playing live at The Green Man Inn on Friday 16th November.

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Somadem are back!!!

You may have thought that with only Mark, Jake and Chris still living in the area and everyone else from the band living in various other places and playing in various other bands that we may have already seen the last Somadem gig at The Green Man Inn.

Luckily enough though, on Friday 21st September we will get them to see them at the pub for at least one more time!

Make sure you don’t miss it!


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Weekend of Music!

This weekend is going to be packed with some great live music at the pub. Friday night kicks off with some folk from Brad Holland and some Pop / Soul from Yoji before Wizard make their first appearance at The Green Man Inn for a night of prog rock on Saturday.

Brad Holland

Brad hollandYojiWizardWizard

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Bennett, Seags & Co. – 4 Piece

This week’s Saturday night music will be the first outing for Bennett, Seags & Co. as a 4 piece band. Brian and Carl will be joined by Del Gray on guitar and Mark Pieri on percussion. Make sure you don’t miss it….

bennett seags and co