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La Cloche Back on the bar…

We’ve finally found the time to get down to La Cloche and pick up some more of their beers. The Red Rock was delicious and didn’t last more than a day but don’t worry, we still have some La Cloche beers left. Still to go we have Vieux Battant which is going down very nicely! We also have to come…

La Triple Hédoniste 6.0%

Blanche de Bors 5.0%

Queue Tordue 4.0%

Summit IPA

And we’ll do our best to get back down there soon to top up…

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Todays beers!

We’ve got a couple of new beers on the bar today as during the weekend we ran out of Lindermans Faro and the extremely popular Archer Ale from ArtiBrassage87. But don’t worry too much much there’s more Archer on order and it’ll be back on the bar soon.

The good news… L’Hirondelle is back on the bar along with Lindermans Kreik which is pretty good timing as the weather has picked up again and both of these beers go down very nicely sitting in the sun outside the pub.

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