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Take-aways on hold…

We had been planning on starting takeaways again after the Christmas break but due to the curfew being brought forward to 18h00 unfortunately it’s not going to be possible. In order to make sure that our customers could get home in time for curfew the latest pick up would have to be around 17h40 so it really only leaves us 40 minutes of service and as our busiest times for takeaways have been between 18h00 and 20h00 we’ve had to make the decision to put it on hold until we have some more news and are able to open longer hours.

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Fermeture Exceptionelle

Sorry! We are going to be closed on Friday 22nd May. Don’t worry we’ll be back open again from Saturday and we’ve got some new beers on the bar available to take-out plus a Beer & Burger Deal coming up…

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New Draught Take-Outs Available

Starting to try to get back to some sort of normality and we’ve finally made it over to Perigord Beers for a beer pick up! So from Saturday we’ll be adding a few extra beers onto the bar and they’ll be available to take away. We’ve got Perigord Saison, Extra IPA, Pale Ale, Original, Festival Ale and Black IPA all back in stock…

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Tasty New Sides Available for Take-Away!!

We have some yummy new cheesy Sides available for take-away! (pictured above with our delicious home-made vegan bean burger).

Great as a starter, side or a snack!

We currently have :

Breaded Mozzarella Sticks

Chilli Cheese Nuggets

Camembert Bites

Onion Rings

And JalapeƱo Cream Cheese Bullets!

Cheesy Sides Available Now!!
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The Green Man Inn song…

While I was looking for one of the pub playlists I came across this song by The Poxy Boggards. If anyone fancies doing their own cover of it then feel free to post it in the comments section. We’d love to hear it! And you never know… It could win you free beer!

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This Week at the pub…

On Monday night we’re staying open a bit later than normal to show the England v Bulgaria Euro 2020’s Qualifier. Kick-off is at 20h45 and we’ll be serving food up until half-time.

There’s live music on Wednesday night from Phil Capper. He’ll be playing a mix of acoustic pop, rock, folk, country and blues. It’s also Sarah’s birthday so come down and buy her a pint! (or maybe some flowers)!

We’ve got more football on Saturday. The 13h30 kick-off is Everton v West Ham and at 18h30 we’ll be showing Man United v Liverpool on the big screen. There’ll be food available for both games.

We’ll be open from 10am on Sunday morning for a full English breakfast / bacon sarnies etc. follwed by Man City v Crystal Palce at 17h30.

phil capper
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Gig Confirmed

Black Jack v

Confirmation that Black Jack V will be playing live at The Green Man Inn on Friday 16th November.

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Rugby & Football

England v South Africa charroux

We’re showing the England v South Africa rugby match on Saturday 3rd November followed by the Arsenal – Liverpool game.

Arsenal v Liverpool charroux

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Toss The Boss

Every Thursday in November between 8pm and 10pm we’re playing Toss The Boss at the pub.

The rules are simple. You order your drinks. We flip a coin. You call ‘heads or tails. If you win, your next round is half price.

The offer is only valid on pints of draught beer, large glasses of wine and soft drinks and to play you need to order a minimum of two drinks which need to be paid for and poured at the same time. All half price rounds must be the same as what you ordered on your winning coin toss.

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Somadem are back!!!

You may have thought that with only Mark, Jake and Chris still living in the area and everyone else from the band living in various other places and playing in various other bands that we may have already seen the last Somadem gig at The Green Man Inn.

Luckily enough though, on Friday 21st September we will get them to see them at the pub for at least one more time!

Make sure you don’t miss it!